Fort Lauderdale Stars Photos

Fort Lauderdale Stars Photos

Owner of Fort Lauderdale Stars Gymnastics. I love photography & the sport of gymnastics. I have the awesome opportunity being able to get up close and indepth pictures of my gym & competitions.

This site is dedicated to our parents and gymnasts to enjoy seeing our gym & competitions up close. My priority is coaching and then taking pictures when I can. I will get the best pictures!

There is no scheduled pattern of who and when I get pictures. I can not physically get every child and event when we go to meets. There will be times that I can only get pictures of certain levels and gymnast when time permits.

All pictures on this site can be purchased for download and/or print. There are also other items like iPhone cases, canvas prints and other cool stuff if you are interested. I have personally used their service for printing and can tell you that I am pleased with their production and turn around time. (Prints are available in our lobby on the wall in the parents waiting area for you to preview). 

It takes an extremely long time to edit and upload all the photos; therefore, I do charge a fee to get prints and/or downloads. If you would like any picture retouched or special editing, please email me at If you do not wish to pay for the pictures - Good News! - You never ordered them and it's free to browse....  🤩😂🤩😂 Hope you enjoy........ MK